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"Jackie Maraya Griffin's soprano is without a doubt the most effective in this production. 

Her voice fills the theater with beauty." 

- The Sound


"Jackie Maraya Griffin can break your heart with a song.  What a voice..."

- Connecticut Post

Hello Singers & Dreamers! 

Welcome to Jackie Maraya Griffin Voice Studio!  Miss Jackie has performed in professional productions all around world - working with multi Tony award-winning directors like Michael Greif & Des McAnuff.  Beyond her professional performance career, she has over 22 years teaching experience.  She coaches singers seen and heard on The Voice, Disney Channel and Broadway National & International Tours. Students have been accepted into top schools such as Berklee College of Music & Manhattan School of Music and have won awards such as Lead Actor & Lead Actress in a Musical at the NYA’s.   Her students have also been signed by top LA, NY & SE Talent Agencies (A3, DDO, Osbrink, Zuri, Eris, J Pervis, People Store, Coast to Coast, CESD, District Model & Talent, AEFH and more).  A SAG-E actress, Miss Jackie is a member of AEA (Actors Equity Association) and has been a member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) since 2004.  She received a Top Hat Award from Mayor Kevin Faulconer for her outstanding work in the Arts with the San Diego AAPI & Filipino community.  Known as  an audition specialist, she  offers career mentoring for beginners to professional performers, aspiring vocal coaches and also coaches industry parents needing help navigating the world of Show Biz for their talented kiddo!  Her focus is on deepening her students' awareness and mastery of:





















Jackie provides insight and career guidance for her students wanting to break into the industry, and mentors them along their journeys to becoming accomplished professional performers. Her teaching methods have evolved through many years of teaching and study with vocal masters in New York and Los Angeles and focuses on Speech-Level Singing and Bel Canto vocal technique.  Come in for an introductory lesson and see how Jackie Maraya Griffin can help you reach your fullest potential as an artist!

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"This success is also yours vocal momma!  I love you and couldn't do absolutely any of this without you! 

Thank you again and again for being the person who pushed me to never give up on my dreams!  I love you forever!!!"  -Sophia Hoffman



"I'm a Disney Princess!  Getting to share this dream come true with my vocal coach is such an amazing experience!  

You're a part of this dream Miss Jackie!" - Abigail Estrella


Follow Miss Jackie & her daughter @hokugriffin on their voiceover journey with MY FRIEND LOVIE - a hit animated series geared towards preschoolers!  Catch Hoku as the voice of Lovie and Miss Jackie as Lovie's Mom. New episodes every Monday on YouTube!  @myfriendlovie


"I just wanted to say thank you for supporting my musical theatre journey all these years!  Going to Manhattan School of Music is a huge chapter in my life and I appreciate you greatly for guiding me every step of the way!" -Josette Candelaria


I got into Harvard & Berklee College of Music! It wasn't even a path I ever thought I would be able to go down. Thank you so much for helping me realize my potential as a performer and musician and for all your support in making this possible!  -Brad Dickson


What an incredible run and what a joy it was to be your Musical Director!  Big shout out to JMGVS student Lauren Dunnavant who soared as MOANA & my son Koa @koajacobgriffin who killed it as MAUI and repped his polynesian roots with pride! I couldn't have been more proud of this entire village!  CHEEEHOOO!



"Miss Jackie has been an amazing vocal coach and teacher to work on a personal and preofessional level!  Her techniques have really imporoved both my voice and breath support and control...and even now, having taken lessons with teachers all over New York City, what I've learned from her have been the most beneficial to my vocal health and performance!" 

- Cassie Lopez

(Mimi) RENT | Circle in the Square Theater School, NYC

"Jackie is like a big sister to me,  We even share the same fabulous name!  She's my mentor and inspiration.  Everything attributed to musical theatre, all of my roles, my move to New York and my professional career, I owe to her.  All of her advice, I've taken and ran with it - she always believed in me fully.  She is a warrior, an angel, and has been the driving force of why I am able to call myself an artist"

- Jackie Nguyen 

(Kim) Miss Saigon, Macau China & 1st National Revival Tour | BFA Musical Theatre, CSU Fullerton

"Miss Jackie helped to define and put into action my goals as a vocalist.  She was able to quickly identify and strengthen my weaker areas.  Her student showcases gave me great confidence as a singer.  Miss Jackie has a great deal of knowledge to give when it comes to performing and making it in all aspects of the biz!  She's definitely on my list of people who I credit and thank for where I am as an artist."

- Jazmine Rogers

Pro Singer, Actress, Model

"Abby has been with Miss Jackie for over 6 years and counting!  Outstanding vocal and performance coach! Teaches foundational techniques that stand the test of time, and will certainly help our daughter extend both her vocal range and stamina as she matures in the performing arts. No hesitation in recommending Miss Jackie! Top notch!”

- Parent of Abigail Estrella

(Princess Rosa) Disney Channel's Alice's Wonderland Bakery | A3 Artists Agency

"There will never be words to describe how much Miss Jackie means to both of us and the impact she has made on our lives.  We both love you with all our hearts and thank God everyday for Him bringing you into our lives. Milla has grown so much and believes in her dreams now and we can't thank you enough! for all your guidance with not only her voice but in all aspects of the business.  We love you!"

- Parent of Milla Kessler  

(Witch) Into The Woods| SLA Talent Agency

"I was referred to Jackie about 2 years ago and it was one of the best recommendations we have received! Miss Jackie, my children's vocal coach, goes above and beyond in her instruction. My boys learn vocal techniques, audition prep, acting, stage presence and so much more. They enjoy each lesson with her and always leave encouraged and more confident in their ability to perform. I would recommend Jackie Maraya Griffin Voice Studio to anyone who is looking to enhance their vocal and performance skills."

- Parent of Michael Davis

(Maui) Moana | (Mufasa) Lion King | 2x NYA Award Winner | UCLA Musical Theatre

"I adore every lesson with Jackie! I feel very comfortable with her teaching style, as she adjusts to every student to bring out their very best. I only hope to channel her voice and sunshine when I sing. Her guidance is spot on and her honesty only encourages awareness and growth."

- Michelle Camaya 

The Lion King Broadway & National Tour | Director - Samahan

"I was a student with Miss Jackie for three years. In those three years alone, I learned so much about my craft and Miss Jackie inspired me to pursue my love of Musical Theater. Every lesson was a new experience and an incredibly fun one! She encouraged me to audition for plays, musicals, and to take dance classes, which led me to pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Musical Theater performance at Arizona State. I could honestly say that without the encouragement and love that Miss Jackie put into my voice lessons I would not have had the drive to do what I love. Miss Jackie is an incredible voice teacher because she nurtures every student’s dreams and enables them to grow. I am so lucky to have had her as my voice teacher." 

- Alyssa Lucero 

BA, Musical Theater - ASU | Vocal Coach

“Jackie Maraya Griffin was one of the kindest singing teachers I ever had. When you become one of Jackie's students, you not only become her student, but you become a part of her family. Jackie was always very patient with me. Through her patience and ability to pin point the weakest points in my vocal register, she not only showed me how to broaden my register, but taught me how to control my voice. I would recommend Jackie to any person who has the passion to sing because she's only going to make your voice better and better."

- Anais Lund 

Recording Artist & Vocal Coach | Scholar Artist - Coronado School of the Arts

"Our daughter has been going to Miss Jackie for almost 5 years and she has truly helped Ava tremendously. Ava has landed lead roles in several local theater shows, and has been a finalist in local and national singing competitions. MVS is a part of everything for her. Thank you Jackie for being an amazing vocal coach and mentor to our daughter! We Love you!" 

- Parents of Ava Mendoza

LJCDS Student Artist | (Annabeth) The Lightning Thief | Zuri Talent Agency

"Our daughter, Melanie started voice lessons with Miss Jackie over 5 years ago. We saw a huge improvement not only with her vocal technique, but also her connection to her music and stage presence during these five years. Miss Jackie challenges her students to do their best and give their all."

- Parent of Melanie Jimenez 

NYA National Champion - (Moana) Disney's Moana | UCSD Musical Theatre

"Jackie is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to get her students to a totally different level of excellence! She is an amazing voice teacher and person who changed the life of my daughter and our whole family."

- Parent of Yael Chanukov

Fiddler On The Roof (Off Broadway Company) | Vocal Coach

"In these last 3 years as a student of Miss Jackie, I’ve learned the importance on how to use my voice properly. I remember walking into her studio for the first time, I felt blessed and inspired being coached by another Filipina! I could tell she truly cared about my well-being and vocal health. She evaluated my voice so I understood what I needed to practice at home for continued growth. I learned beneficial knowledge about my voice with great support from her. I appreciate Miss Jackie so much for guiding me in my performing arts career."

- Josette Candelaria 

(Vanessa) In the Heights - SDSCPA Student Artist | Shamon Freitas Talent Agency

"My son starting taking lessons with JMG Voice Studio in 2017.  I cannot express how much we appreciate and love working with Miss Jackie!  She has helped Erick develop into a better performer and singer.  He feels very comfortable with her and she has been so encouraging.  He loves that she challenges him to grow  o become a more confident performer.  We highly recommend her!"

- Parent of Erick Marmolejo 

(Usnavi) In the Heights | SDSCPA Student Artist 


"Our daughter Yana has been studying with Miss Jackie for over 6 years since she was 4 years old!  We will continuously thank Miss Jackie for molding and inspiring her and for all her advice and encouragement all these years.  The true love and care of teaching all your students and guiding us as parents on the business is truly AMAZING!  God sends you to these talented kids to help them find their passion and do their mission in this world.  We are so grateful to have you in our lives and love you so much!"  

- Parent of Gloriana Valerio 

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