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JMGVS alumni Jackie Nguyen  (Miss Saigon US National Tour) gives backstage tour and encouraging words to

Miss Jackie's next generation of voice students.  Talk about FULL CIRCLE!

HARVARD & BERKLEE  COLLEGE OF MUSIC!  Proud of you Bradford Dickson and what an honor it is to be your coach and recommend you with nothing but high praises on all your college applications!  So thrilled you got your first choice school!  Woohoo!!!

Congrats on your amazing run of A Christmas Carol at Tony winning Alley Theatre in Houston Texas!  So proud of your work as young Sally & Bella Kate Sanchez!!! 

An official DISNEY PRINCESS with her very own official Disney Princess SONG!!!  Life just could be better!  A giant congrats to this hard working VO artist and singer that I have been blessed to coach the past 7 years!  Beyond proud of you Abby!

SHE DID IT!   My mini me is finally 8 years old and old enough to audition for shows...and she nailed it folks!  Congrats on landing your first title role as MATILDA baby girl!   Go Hoku!!!

NDA's won't allow us to share the super exciting news for this saaaanger just yet but beyond proud of your hard work Sophia Hoffman!  Squeal!!!  Dream come true for you and me!

So proud of this young  leading lady!  Excited for your first lead role in a professional theatre Ava Mendoza!  Talent and hard work paying off!  Well deserved!

Congrats to Caroline Gottsman who won BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for her amazing work as Miss Honey in Matilda!  You are soaring!

From originating the role of Hei Hei in the world premier when he was only 9 to landing the lead role of Maui at 13!  So proud of my amazing island boy Koa!

Congrats Melanie Jimenez & Michael Davis on your NYA WINS for LEAD ACTRESS & ACTOR IN A MUSICAL!  Proud of you both and your hard  work as Moana and Maui in the world premiere of Moana Jr at SDJT! 

No surprise one of the best talent agencies in the biz want to rep this cutie!  Congrats Nia Castro!   I am so happy for you!

Congrats to Milla Kessler for getting signed across the board by boutique agency SLA Talent!  So happy for you!

So thrilled for this TikTok influencer to sing her face off at K-Play! Fest. Your hard work and talent are being recognized and I am so happy for your invitation to sing at this awesome event!  Go Charisma!  

Happy 25th Anniversary RENT!  

Being in the final cast to work with the original creative team will always be a highlight of my career in the theatre. 

I knew you could do it "sweet precious Maggie!' Congrats on getting picked up by DDO Kids!  Happy for you Maggie Pacleb!

Congrats Melanie Jimenez on your NYA NATIONAL CHAMP WIN for your lead role as Moana at SDJT! So very proud of you!

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